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Meet Janell

Janell Hulst

42 Years Old

Business Owner

Mother of 4

Educated in:

Architectural Drafting & Design

Advocate for:

herself, her children, & the public

Lives in Kingston, WA

Born in Tacoma, WA 

Janell is a testament to strength developed through endurance and perseverance. She believes that though we are facing hard times, we will in the end, be a much stronger, more united, and better state because of it — if we choose to learn from our mistakes and adjust ourselves to our circumstances.

Janell is a proven advocate for herself, children, family, and now for our state. 

Janell hails from a family of entrepreneurs in the construction and architectural fields in Washington State: her extended family currently runs an architecture firm, her father operates a hardwood flooring company, and Janell and her husband own a general contracting and architectural design company.

Her husband's family also has deep roots in the community of North Kitsap County, specifically in Poulsbo & Key Port.


Janell is a business owner, mother of four, a native Washingtonian, and overcomer of many obstacles in her life. Janell’s life experiences and architectural education have taught her to search for and identify necessary "structural supports" and "potential issues" when assessing circumstances, and she carries this as a general perspective in her life. She is a creative thinker, and knows that adversity doesn't necessarily mean failure, but rather an opportunity to bring new solutions and potential for growth in areas that may otherwise be left un-utilized or neglected.  


It's during times of adversity that Janell’s life had pushed her into growing in her knowledge of the legal system and legislative process. Over the years she has grown to have a well-rounded understanding of how our state legal system and legislative process works, and how to maneuver through both of them. Janell is also familiar with our WA State Constitution and many of our laws that protect the people from the over reach and encroachment of our rights by our government. 


Despite having suffered a terrible accident in her teens, from which doctors thought she would never regain full physical or cognitive function, Janell went on to study architecture, consistently making the Dean’s List and graduated with Highest Honors, becoming first in her immediate family to graduate from college.


After working a few years in her field of study following college, Janell chose to devote herself full-time to raising her children, to allow her husband at the time to pursue his career. Years later, despite finding herself in the circumstance of being a stay-at-home mother for a decade with three young children, Janell overcame the challenges of leaving what had became an abusive marriage.


Janell eventually remarried, relocated, and settled her children in their new home, school, and neighborhood, with their relatively new family structure. Then just a few short months later, Covid and shutdowns came. Her children were forced to be at home to be schooled, her husband’s job site was shut down, and they had a new addition to their family on the way. The family was forced to regroup and figure out how they would get through the multitude of difficulties.


Janell’s innovative, problem-solving skills helped her to adapt and overcome. She began homeschooling her children and dusted off her architectural education to merge her skills with her husband’s for them to start their own general contracting and architectural design company. In the midst of this, their new addition to the family arrived and she also relieved her family lawyer and successfully took on herself the additional family law cases that arose. 


Despite all the hardships Janell and her family has had to endure through the years of legal challenges from leaving her abusive marriage, cultivating a new family structure with a new addition to the family, juggling homeschooling, and starting a new business — all at the same time — her children and family have thrived, learned how to support one another, and have grown to be better and stronger together, despite it all and because of it all. 


Janell Hulst not only has the intellect and will to see Washington to a better and stronger place, but she also possesses the innovation, stamina, and ability to collaborate and adapt, to develop the solutions to overcome the current crises we are facing, as well as, those looming in the future. Janell is looking with foresight, to ensure that our state will be able to withstand our present crises and any that may come our way, all while ensuring that our programs our effective, efficient, and accountable to the people, and that our government fulfills its duty to maintain and protect individual rights.


It is time to think ahead, think innovatively, and think protectively for the best interest of our state and our people. Janell has been equipped to bring the innovative solutions we need in Kitsap County and in our state.


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