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It's Time for Accountability and Innovative Solutions
that Everyone can Afford

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SB 5126 - Cap & Trade

Irresponsible Legislation

that is causing

15% increase in our utilities bills


46 cents more per gallon of gasoline

in January 2023

...for a policy that is proven ineffective.

(see articles below) 


Environmental & Social Advocacy Groups warned against this policy for Washington, because it will do nothing to help our environment, but instead bring massive revenue for governments. In 2013, California implemented a Cap & Trade Policy. Studies have shown it to be ineffective in helping the environment.

(see articles below) 

... why did our majority representatives do this to our citizens while we were already facing financial hardship caused by Covid restrictions, and the Inflation Crisis?

This is hurting citizens, and not helping the environment. 

Why would they not listen to the warnings from Washingtonians and multiple studies?

The biggest fuel source that is being overlooked by our state government is HYDROGEN. This fuel produces little, if any carbon emissions, and is ALREADY being used to operate electric power plants, home gas cooking & heating, cars, trucks, and even ferry boats. San Francisco is using hydrogen to operate fuel cells that power ferry boats built in BELLINGHAM, WASHINGTON!


You may remember that one oxygen molecule, combined with two hydrogen molecules make water. Facilities across the country, including in WENATCHEE WASHINGTON, start with water, and separate oxygen molecules from hydrogen molecules. There are short term and long term options for using hydrogen to power vehicles.


Short Term: Existing gasoline or diesel-fueled vehicles (cars, trucks, busses, farm equipment, etc.) were converted to run on hydrogen. These vehicles kept their original engine and transmission. For about $2000, any automobile can run on hydrogen, and are doing that now. They are MORE affordable than electric vehicles. Where it takes at least 5 hours to recharge an electric car, it only takes 5 minutes to refuel a hydrogen-powered car! Some service stations (also called gas stations) now provide gasoline, diesel, AND hydrogen.


Long Term: Vehicle builders are using existing fuel cell technology, powered by hydrogen, not batteries, as the source of electricity that drives the wheels. There is no engine or transmission.

Hydrogen is a REAL & FEASIBLE solution our state and environment would benefit from - WITHOUT punishing our citizens, OR requiring massive new infrastructure. 


This is an affordable, near zero-carbon alternative fuel source, and it's already available on the market! It is functionally independent from the electric grid. Why is this fuel source not being used and promoted by the State of Washington? It’s long past time for that to happen!

Our current majority representatives are not acknowledging this resource, nor utilizing it, even though there is a hydrogen facility in Wenatchee that has recently expanded its capacities.

As a State Legislator, I will promote hydrogen accessibility, and other alternatives that are in the best interest of our citizens, and our state!

Washington needs solutions, not hinderances & policies that are not in our best interests

Articles & websites demonstrate our current representatives were forewarned


“analysis shows that carbon emissions from California’s oil and gas industry actually rose 3.5% since cap and trade began.”


“What became most clear about the cap-and-trade program after it hit the first benchmark was how it can mask increases.”


“Many programs allow companies to cancel out some of their CO₂ by purchasing what are called offsets — paying to protect trees or clean up coal mine emissions in another city, state or country.”


“The biggest buyers of offsets are the worst polluters”


“Cap-and-trade programs usually include offsets, and ‘offset programs largely don’t work’ …”policies that reduce emissions on paper and not in practice’ “


‘ “That is a very clear instance where the single-minded push for a carbon tax gets in the way of ambitious climate policy,” he said. “Why settle for what Exxon wants?” ‘


“higher carbon prices …can be passed on to consumers.”

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