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Issues & Solutions

It's Time for Accountability and Innovative Solutions

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Utilizing what we already have within our Washington State Constitution & laws, and established resources & facilities, combined with some added innovation, we can easily pivot and set our state on a balanced path towards effective & efficient functioning.


Through means of accountability of our existing programs and our governmental offices and entities,

we can regain and establish efficient and effective function of our government programs to do what they are supposed to be doing - helping, not hindering.


The crippling of our already underfunded police departments and recent poor legislation, is causing ripple effects through our communities. Our current state legislators, passed legislation preventing police from holding criminals accountable and from pursuing criminals for their crimes. This coupled with other poor legislative policies regarding law enforcement, is causing officers to be afraid to do their jobs, many to leave the force, and thus we are seeing a significant decline in the size of our law enforcement departments and their ability to answer the calls for help in the communities. Compared to the rest of the United States, we are THE MOST UNDERFUNDED and THE HIGHEST IN RATIO, of number citizens per officer.
All of this is emboldening criminals, and wrecking havoc in our communities, as crime is rising, retail & property theft is growing, and our communities are gradually growing more and more unsafe.


I will fully fund our law enforcement departments, reestablish their ability to pursue and detain those suspected of a crime, and ensure that criminals are held accountable, rather than being let off to repeat the same offenses.


Where are real solutions and compassion for those that find themselves in homelessness? The homeless situations and encampments in our communities are growing and the enabling policies are wreaking havoc on our communities, perpetuating the root problems, and failing those who need help. 

I have real and sustainable solutions that will truly help those in this situation.  

I will ensure our laws disallow enabling policies, and protect property rights. I will also create attainable facilities, that will deal with the foundational issues that have lead to the homelessness: a program that is both optional for those who want a way out, and required of those breaking trespassing laws and/or other crimes because of drug/alcohol abuse or homelessness. These self-sustaining facilities will provide mental health options, training in life skills, mutual accountability, mentorship, education, and opportunities in apprenticeship programs that cooperatively are for the betterment of the local communities and the individuals. 


In Washington State, there is an issue of a lack of accountability for our government programs and even government officials.
It's time to effectively utilize RCW 42.56.030 to ensure we maintain control over our government programs, entities, and officials. 

RCW 42.56.030

"The people of this state do not yield their sovereignty to the agencies that serve them. The people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know. The people insist on remaining informed so that they may maintain control over the instruments that they have created. This chapter shall be liberally construed and its exemptions narrowly construed to promote this public policy and to assure that the public interest will be fully protected. In the event of conflict between the provisions of this chapter and any other act, the provisions of this chapter shall govern."
I will create and require a simplified path & presentation of information, that will allow everyone to see the effectiveness & efficiency — or lack there of — in our state programs & policies,  and to see how our money is being used and where it is going, in an all inclusive, easy to understand format.
I will also establish clear and easy ways for us to hold our government officials accountable to do their jobs, or for the lack there of, or abuse of.


Did you know, in the last decade the cost of our government has DOUBLED?

Did you also know that this year our state:

(1)   had a $15 Billion surplus,

(2)   refused any tax breaks or returns,

(3)   raised our taxes,

(4)   gave themselves raises,

(5)   expanded government EVEN MORE?


AND STILL we have NO improvements to the issues we've been facing...

This clearly demonstrates we have a real problem at the legislative level, with wasteful spending on empty promises, and lack of foresight.


Through process of auditing and accountability, we will effectively be able to remove the wasteful bloat within our government. Not only will we be rid of the bloat, we will also be able to remove the hinderances of our programs to work effectively and efficiently for those who they serve, and relieve the heavy and unnecessary financial burdens on the people.



Unnecessary regulations and heavy tax burdens for businesses and home builders are not helping our environment, economy, nor the people. We need to support our businesses to allow everyone to thrive & survive through our current crises of inflation and unaffordable housing, and any in the future. 
A study conducted in 2018 and released in 2019 by Kitsap County and the Bremerton Housing Authority stated the necessity of doubling the amount of housing units being built to stablize the housing market. This study was completely ignored and disregarded with the allowance of implementation of further regulations that slowed the building permit processes, increased costs, and exacerbated the housing market problems.  
In the midst of the hardships of Covid in 2020, our current state health officials — who are so out of touch with the people — voted to bring new, unnecessary, and extremely financially burdensome regulations (somewhere in the sum of $100,000) upon small businesses (such as road-side coffee shops)... how does this help our businesses OR the people in the midst of multiple crises? Why would they do this to the people during such a devastating time? 
Our current representatives voted to allow for the increase of taxes on gasoline and our utilities with the Cap & Trade bill SB5126. They would not listen to environmental & social advocacy groups, the people, and other elected officials warnings regrading the financial implications upon the people and ineffectiveness to help the environment. 

I will ensure that our businesses, entrepreneurs, building industries and the people are supported through this inflation crisis - and any future crises. I will establish incentives for established, new, or innovative businesses that rise up to the call to safe guard our state against possible supply chain issues and food shortages, and contribute to remedy our crisis of lack of affordable housing. I will establish tax holidays in the wake of, and prelude to, crises. I will get rid of unnecessary regulations, and set up safe guards for the communities to be able to address agencies that attempt to bring future unnecessary and burdensome taxes, fess, regulations, and policies. I will establish “mutual giving” programs between businesses and the people, and ensure that the government’s relationship with our businesses are healthy ones. I will ensure that our government’s role will be to help facilitate the clearing of unnecessary regulations and taxation, to allow these necessary businesses to take root and blossom to address our needs in crises
 rather than just ensuing a role of controller and beneficiary of the businesses existence.

It's time to hold our Government Officials and entities accountable to uphold and act within our Washington State Constitution.
Article 1, Section 1, of the Washington State Constitution states that:

"All political power is inherent in the people, and governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed, and are established to protect and maintain individual rights."

We have seen more in the last few years, the attempts to imped, as well as the actual gross trampling of, our individual rights, by our government officials.
When our government is going against the very role and purpose it is specifically outlined with, we need to be able to quickly resolve the matter.

I will ensure the establishment of the disallowance of encroachments of our individual rights and create simple, easy avenues for which we can address our grievances to hold officials accountable for their attempts to do so.  


With the hindsight of Covid, inflation now upon us, and the looming potential for supply chain issues and food shortages in our future, why has our government officials not preemptively established a plan to help protect us and prepare us for another catastrophe? Even though we had a $15 Billion Surplus, our current legislators in the majority party refused to ensure we reserved funds in case of a catastrophe! Of ALL 50 states, we have the LEAST amount of reserve funds. It is said that we only have enough in reserve for our government to operate for 20 minutes should something catastrophic occur in our state or country.
How is this responsible or acceptable, especially in light of everything we have JUST experienced and gone through with COVID?


I will ensure that our state have procedures in place to temporarily suspend unnecessary regulations and taxation in times of crisis, and ensure we have an established "Rainy Day Fund."



It is a fundamental duty, as well as a legal obligation, for a parent to care for, provide, and protect their children. When parents do not, they are considered to be neglecting their children, and thus are subject to prosecution and to possibly loose that child because of neglect. What has recently been established by our current legislators, conflicts with this fundamental duty and obligation and “right to parent and protect” our children. Removing of a parent’s right to know what is going on with their children — inclusive of medications and medical procedures — is not safe for children. It is a parent’s right and duty to protect their children. The legislation combined with the push for transgenderism upon the children, is setting children up to cause irreversible physical harm to themselves, without their parents knowledge. It is also putting the children in vulnerable predicaments to be taken advantage of by others.
How is this good or safe for our children?

I will reestablish a parent’s and guardian’s “right to know” what is occurring with our children, and thus the “right to protect” and the “right to parent” our children. What our current legislators have passed, is leaving our children unprotected by those that love them the most, and is conflicting with a parent's right and legal obligation to protect their children. 


Children need to be free to be children, and safe from adult topics — ESPECIALLY in the schools. Sexuality is not something that children should have to be forced to think about or be subjected to, at any age, especially by an adult. The teaching of Comprehensive Sexuality Education has NOTHING to do with biology or safety awareness, but is actually the opposite. It hyper-focuses on sexuality and the normalizing of sexual behaviors of children.
This is not safe nor healthy for our children to have to be subjected to.
This is also unconstitutional, per our Washington State Constitution, Article IX (Education), Section 4. 

I will establish a child's right to be free & protected from sexual influences by adults, and REMOVE the "indecency exemptions" for schools. 

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