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"It's time for change & to elect efficient and effective individuals, who are in touch with and invested in the future of our state & communities. Individuals who will legislate responsibly, not hastily, and think through the potential consequences upon everyday people and the safety & stability of our state.

It's time for accountability & real solutions.  

I have the innovation, intellect, and common sense it will take to fix the wrongs our current Legislators created, as well as, to establish safe guards for our future, whether we face prosperity or any future crises. It’s time to ensure Safety, Stability, and Affordability for Washington state, and to think innovatively, strategically, & sustainably for our future and our present, while ensuring our Government maintains & protects our individual rights."

- Janell Hulst

Janell has SOLUTIONS for all of US...
... to get us back on track, stable & secure.

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